a year… a day…

exactly today, one year ago, i handed in the keys to my apartment in shanghai, from where i started my insane vagabond-adventure.

novmber 2014, zhangjiangjie, china

during the last year… i lived in exactly 10 countries, boarded 16 planes, slept in 66 (nonmoving) beds, left behind 6 pairs of shoes, (i didn’t make these number up, i promise) lost countless things, but gained soooo much more.

(december 2014 and) january 2015, pai, thailand

but then again, what is one year? it is a man made time-limitation that we like to celebrate. it is a reason to remember, reflect, reminisce and a lot can happen in one year. that’s why i like celebrating anniversaries (like my ny-birthday), but actually it is better to celebrate days….

december 2015, ankor wat, cambodia

even in one day your life can change. even in one day you can change your life. and every day your life can end…

2015-01-27DSC_0112 -
febuary 2015, vang vieng, laos

and as long as i can say: “i went where i wanted to go

febuary 2015, dalat, vietnam

i said what i wanted to say

march 2015, ubud, bali

i saw what i wanted to see

march 2015, kuala lumpur, malaysia

….while staying kind to other humans, mothernature and myself,

2015-04-05IMG_1132 -
april 2015, bagan, myanmar (burma)

then i am ok. i am seeing, whatever happened last friday in paris, as a motivation to continue to live my life as fully as i can.

june 2015, paris, france

a life that that emphasizes creativity, awareness, simplicity, discovery, independence, realism, and growth of the spirit.

august 2015, berlin, germany

i am going to continue to follow the sun and do my best to reflect warm light and spread beauty.

september 2015, new york, usa

and because i didn’t only take photos of the satorialist (like here in ny…) here is some of my photography from: chinathailandcambodialaosvietnambalimalaysiamyanmarparis and berlin.


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