random reflections

act I of my digital de-cluttering… paris, new york, kunming… all photos by me

les fenêtres

remembering the new york “widows to adventure” post….. here is the parisian version paris, france…. all photos by me

the power-women-friendships….. thankful-thursday

i want to thank… my fantastic friends who were so generous to open their homes to me and were actually the incentive to start this week-of-celebrating-women. it is so inspiring to get to see glimpses of fabulous females building their individual personal lives and carriers… being pure power-women. they made time i spent in munich, paris, nuremberg, berlin (for example) extra special and … Continue reading the power-women-friendships….. thankful-thursday

are you in the right place?

we all find ourselves questioning the path we are on and our future-steps, from time to time. in those moments i remind myself: “i am exactly where i am supposed to be…. always.“ sometimes it is more obvious…. like when i happen to visually fit into my surroundings so perfectly, that a location scout / set … Continue reading are you in the right place?

like a stone in water

“your inside is the same. your outside got smoother like a stone that got shaped by water. all of your experiences shaped you like a stone in water.” – anna anna (who also took this picture of me in paris), said this about me after seeing me for the first time since i became the vagabond that i … Continue reading like a stone in water

the healing walk

these are the photos i took during the walk that healed me from my silly cold. june 2015, paris, france… all photos by me