random reflections

act I of my digital de-cluttering… paris, new york, kunming… all photos by me

les fenêtres

remembering the new york “widows to adventure” post….. here is the parisian version paris, france…. all photos by me

paris gallery

vagabonding through europe might not include elaborate temples, umbrella markets, or fun / painful tuk tuk rides…. but urban inspiration found in cool little galleries.  paris, france…. all photos by me

the power-women-friendships….. thankful-thursday

i want to thank… my fantastic friends who were so generous to open their homes to me and were actually the incentive to start this week-of-celebrating-women. it is so inspiring to get to see glimpses of fabulous females building their individual personal lives and carriers… being pure power-women. they made time i spent in munich, paris, nuremberg, berlin (for example) extra special and … Continue reading the power-women-friendships….. thankful-thursday


  while i was in paris i worked on projects with very unique fashion designer, anna zwick. she creates dreamy one-of-a-kind handmade knitwear…. each piece is lovingly crafted, that her delicate pieces give you the feeling of wearing art… rather than a sweater. needless to say that a photoshoot was a must….

are you in the right place?

we all find ourselves questioning the path we are on and our future-steps, from time to time. in those moments i remind myself: “i am exactly where i am supposed to be…. always.“ sometimes it is more obvious…. like when i happen to visually fit into my surroundings so perfectly, that a location scout / set … Continue reading are you in the right place?