hitchhiking through malaysia

sometimes i do things and think to myself “this is prooobably not the smartest thing to do…. you are kind of putting yourself in danger right now…… if mom knew what i am doing……” those were pretty much my thoughts as i was hitchhiking through malaysia. to be more exact, the very remote state, sabah, … Continue reading hitchhiking through malaysia

the ladies… vol. 7

through my traveling i have not only had the privilege to see how perfect mothernature is… but every kind of beautiful smile that undeniably warms the heart. the beauties of bali, kuala lumpur and yangon… all photos by me

mother nature playing tricks

on one of our river cruises adventures in kinabatangan (that i already posted some photos of here) mother nature gave us a spectacular view of her riverbanks, that no iphone app could have done better.  march 2015, kinabatangan, malaysia… all photos by me


remember when i told you about the importance of nature?….. all photos by me, march 2015, kinabatangan….