“breath” by tara

 in a city like berlin (where i am currently living… even if just for a short amount of time) there is temptation to buy thiiiings is very high. reminding myself of the time (exactly 8 months ago) i gave away the entire 80% of the content of my shanghai-walk-in-closet (in order to carry all my belongings in a backpack, and to start my vagabonding) keeps me from adding new weight to my backpack life. not saying that i don’t still have fun with clothes, make-up and hair (that you can see in “the outside”)

in previous posts i have already told you that the moment i realized that my breath is all i need, it freed my mind and body. a revelation that made me deal with losing things…. helped me trust the universe… and ultimately keeps me taking these fabulously-crazy risks. reminding myself of the power of my breath… constantly helps me through tiny / major meltdowns….. (that lets be honest, all of us have, and that are absolutely normal).

my yoga teacher tara judelle spoke about breath so beautifully in one of her classes (powered by yogaglo.com) that i wanted to share her words (and this fabulous photo i found on her website) with you.

tara judelle yoga

“breath is the greatest act of intimacy. if you dive into it… the healing of the breath… the liquid light of the breath… it’s the only one you’ll ever need. the quality of the breath is the quality of your mind. stressed or suffering people are not breathing well. when you are happy you breathe well. when you laugh you breathe well.” – tara judelle

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