surround yourself with mirrors

i know i am not the only one….  who looks at my reflection while passing store windows, in elevators, car mirrors, and subway doors. just checking if my hair is still in place (which currently it always is…), or my shirt needs re-tucking… or i just want to make sure that i haven’t been walking the streets with lipstick on my teeth. we all look in mirrors. unfortunately, there is no such mirror for your inside… your character… your soul.

even though yoga has helped me with feeling my physical body but also especially feeling myself and the universe… self perception can be far from reality. soul searching (which is a more common word for it) will only go so far…. i have come to realize that people around me will serve as mirrors for what i cannot see. family and friends (who feel like family) can bring smudged make-up to my attention as well as behavior that might have come across differently than it did from my point of view. maybe i was not as gentle as i meant to be… maybe i am even more chaotic than i thought….. and maybe i was leaning a bit too much…..

 i am grateful for these loving people… these mirrors… they help me be the person i want to be and i will continue to surround myself with them.

anna in paris, france…. photo by me

the way you should love your reflection in mirrors… you should also love those people for their honesty and support….

what do you think?

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