fantastic four… vol. 1

you might know that, because of certain happenings in my life, i am more about minimizing things, in this case i am talking about makeup products. but maybe, youuuuu are about to go on vacation and you want to save luggage weight, so you can shooooop at your destination… ooor maybe you will be crashing at a friend’s house after going out and your evening clutch will only allow so many products. i played with using few products… no more than 4(!) for a total-face-makeup. all you need to do is get the most out of each item and use it in a creative way.

the 4 makeup products i used were: mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick. but actually the most important utensil is the one we were born with… fingers (they absolutely come in handy for aaaany makeup)

madeau makeup tutorial maccosmetics the one eyeshadow i used was (one of my long-time faves) sable by mac cosmetics. it is a warm brown with a frosted finish and blends like a dream, which is important since i passed on using brushes or sponges. i have to admit that it is not ideal to use your fingers for eyeshadow-application. it just doesn’t get the most out of it and you know… is a little more messy, but of course you can always use the applicator of your choice. either way place the pigments on the center of your upper eyelid first, and then blend it up and out, a bit past your crease.

the eyeliner, i used it to rim my eyes with, aaaaaand fill and define my eyebrows, was a medium brown. the one you use should be on the softer, duller side, because it is meant to be a bit smudged-looking all along the roots of your eyelashes. of course your fingers can really help with melting it into the shadow. if the eyeliner is also matt there is no reason why you cannot also us it on eyebrows. (even though there ain’t nothin’ wrong with metallic green eyebrows….) if yoooour eyebrows are happy with no filling whatsoever… even better!

 i chose maybelline new york, color sensational rebel bloom, because i wanted a lipstick that was not highly pigmented, with a creamier finish. i drew the color (any reddish, pinkish, peachy color would work) on the center of my lips. to spread it to the outer corners i used my fingers and the typical smacking-upper-and-lower-lips-together technique. the same lipstick gave my cheeks a light coloring by dabbing it on the apples of my cheeks and softly fading it outwards and up my cheekbones.

   mascara of course is not replaceable… my choice is still l’oreal paris, lash architect.

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