are you in the right place?

we all find ourselves questioning the path we are on and our future-steps, from time to time. in those moments i remind myself:

i am exactly where i am supposed to be…. always.

madeau vagabond paris traveller

sometimes it is more obvious…. like when i happen to visually fit into my surroundings so perfectly, that a location scout / set designer for the best hollywood productions could not have created it any better. like here… on rue de francs-bourgeois in paris. (or with leanna in ubud…)

madeau vagabond paris travellerthe random, sometimes dazed notes i jotted down on night busses, hot dorm rooms, and much needed coffee breaks, are proof that during my travels in sabah, malaysia (for example) i did have thoughts of “should i have gone here instead…?” or “what if i go here…
and miss this?”. but do you know what? i always ended up at the perfect place. (these photos alone, make it undeniable.

all of us feel out of place, at times, but that doesn’t mean that we made a wrong choice, or even a mistake. as long as we learn from the stones we stumbled on and the bees that stung us, the path the universe is leading us on is still perfect.

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