fantastic four… vol. 2

this is the second makeup look (see vol. 1 here) that i did only using four products : foundation, face shimmer, lip pencil and mascara.

madeau makeup tutorial mac cosmetics lipstick

if you don’t like to apply liquid foundation with your fingers, a compact that comes with 
a sponge is a good solution (especially if you like to carry it with you, for touch-ups). i used mac cosmetics, mineralize foundation spf 15. from the center of my face i lightly spread the product outward, making sure to also cover my eyelids with it. creamy foundation could cause creasing under eye shadow, but since this look does not involve strong coloring of the eyelids it is great to create an even base.

without the help of shading to sculpt the face it is important to use  shimmer or highlighter to give your face some dimension. this photo does not really show the wonderful gold and pink sparkles of nars cosmetics, reckless that makes it perfect to use for blush aaaand eye shadow. with my fingers i placed it on the apples of my cheeks and my eyelids. an important detail is to not forget the bottom lid… by dabbing color on the inner corner and sweeping the shimmer outward (using your pinkie will make it easier).

a lip pencil was the only product i used on my lips. yes, i would uuuusually not recommend this, because on slightly dry lips it with accentuate the creases of a not-perfectly-smooth pout…… but for the sake of only using a minimum of products it is definitely a possibility. with the freshly sharpened tip, draw the edge of your lips (cheating a bit, by not sticking 100 percent to your natural shape, is allowed… but don’t overdo it) and then fill them in gently. and now you are about to think i am crazy when i tell you that i also used it on my eyes. but why not? the color i am wearing is vino, mac’s lip pencil. it is a nice deep purple-red… a color that is absolutely suitable for eyes or lips, and goes nicely with the soft pink that is already covering my lids.

the last, but definitely not least product, is mascara.

do you have a product you use in a way that it was not “made for”? feel free the share in the comment field below.

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