new years resolution boost

was part of your new years resolution to work out more, be more sustainable, or be more mindful? and now, over a month in… how is it going? personally, i already broke a couple of mine. i know, i know… taking off my makeup every night should not be that hard.  well, if you are … Continue reading new years resolution boost

city minimalist

maybe you already read my post “benefits of having less stuff”… but probably not. anyway, i felt like re-sharing some of that post. when i wrote it i was in different chapter of my adventurous life. now i am living in new york again… i am paying rent for an adorable studio in downtown manhattan … Continue reading city minimalist

random reflections

act I of my digital de-cluttering… paris, new york, kunming… all photos by me

light and shadow… new york and shanghai

“i love shadow… because it means there is light” – my mom from the two cities, that i am fortunate enough to have called my home… that are full of illuminating light and deep shadow. 2015, new york and shanghai… all photos by me


new york city, new york, spring and summer of 2012… all photos by me


everything has been said about this city of all cities… but no amount of words are enough. nothing is enough for a city that needs everything. nothing is enough for a city that has everything. it will take everything. but it will give you more. will it be enough?  -Madelaine DeRose exactly three years ago i … Continue reading enough?