city minimalist

maybe you already read my post “benefits of having less stuff”… but probably not. anyway, i felt like re-sharing some of that post.

when i wrote it i was in different chapter of my adventurous life. now i am living in new york again… i am paying rent for an adorable studio in downtown manhattan and back in 2014 i was skipping form hostel to hostel… where and hostelworld felt like my landlords. living in a city (not in a bamboo hut on the beach) and woking in the fashion industry again, living a minimalist lifestyle has a different meaning, so i wanted to share some examples of how i combine city-life with minimalism. it is important to me to show that minimalism does not mean that you only have to wear black pants and a grey sweater, every day of your life, live in an apartment without decorations, and can’t wear makeup.

i have been using 7 simple ways that help me live a “lighter” life, without sacrificing my personal style and restricting myself too much. these 7 city minimalism methods will work for you too!

but first i wanted to re-share my list of “reasons to own less”. you might not have restrictions like living in a small space, or living on a small budget, but there are more reasons than that to own less. just think about…..

  • how much better it is for the environment…. it is no secret that we are in a totally sick bubble of overconsumption and we are killing mothernature
  • how much more free you will be from the “comparison game”
  • that possessions from the past might be holding you back from the future
  • how much easier it is to find your lipstick / keys / sunglasses / cellphone if there is less clutter around
  • that the possessions that aaaare actually really important to you, will have more focus
  • the money you will save… good-bye buyer’s-remorse
  • that the more you haaaave, the more you have to clean (now that is time that can be spent in a more fun way!)
  • how finding out what your personal essentials are (like soap, water, contact lenses, a comb, a pocket knife etc.) is quite rewarding
  • how more is not better, but better is better – but you knew that, right?
  • that when you do treat yourself to something you just waaaant it will be sooo much more rewarding and almost eventful… even if it is something small like nail polish or earrings.
  • how media promotes over-consumption and for the sake of younger generations, we could should start leading by example 
  • it’s not everyones thing, but you will still inspire friends and family, because they will see how much easier you are making your life
  • that restraint is a form of discipline and discipline is something that needs practice
  • how freeing it truly is

now some of you might be wondering how you can implement that in a actual life. yes, even in a city like new york, that can easily make you think that you desperately need a new pair of boots, a complicated coffee machine, a grapefruit knife…. it is possible to minimize the things in your life. now i don’t find the “ask yourself if you really neeeeed it” kind of tips very helpful….. so i put together a short list how to navigate having and buying less without barely noticing. i give you ideas and share example form my life, that you can adapt to yours.

get madeau-city-minimalism here.

what do you think?

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