golden globes, judy blame, and glue

my man is on vay-cay, its 1am, i am watching the golden globes (looooving the dresses and all those juicy cleavages, btw) and reading an interview on judy blame discusses his solo exhibition “never again” at london’s institute of contemporary art. He talks about how he loves sewing and making things with his hands (which immediately made me get my needle and thread out and finally fix my beautiful hand-embroidered apron, a treasure i found in mai chau, vietnam.) in the article judy also mentions his tear sheets and making collages with collectibles and doing things the old way… before computers with their graphic design programs, editing, and retouching created perfect, flat mood boards.

well, thanks to this article and still being in the spirit of digital-decluttering i am sharing my  design portfolio ca. 2013 (damn that’s long ago….) where i still did things the traditional way. and do you know what? – i miss it… the glue residue, the hand-writing, the tearing, the ink on my hands, and the illustrating. so, thank you judy blame for making me remember and appreciate my work for what it is. (every artist knows that is not a given…)


sorry, getting side-tracked….. but, that happens when it is (now) 3am. put here are some of my collages, illustrations and color cards:


2012 / 2013… portfolio by Madelaine DeRose Schäfer

what do you think?

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