suzhou reminiscing….

the first trip i took (when i lived in shanghai) was to suzhou… walking through the humble administrator’s garden and learning about all the innovations and artisan crafts, this garden discloses……. was the moment where i fell in love with china.

one year later…. in new york, at the metropolitan museum of art…. walking through the “china though the looking glass” exhibition and ending in the breathtakingly designed room that was inspired by this garden…… it seemed like i dream that i had been there myself.

to prove to myself that i waaaas actually there i had to re-look at the photos i took there and am shearing my favorite ones….. (you can see more of suzhou here)IMG_1676IMG_1609 IMG_1625 IMG_1633 IMG_1640 IMG_1650 IMG_1653

september 2014, humble administrator’s garden in suzhou, china…. all photos by me

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