the ladies… vol. 10

this 10th edition is a very special one… because these photos show dear friends of mine. (see all “the beauties” through my lens here)

i love these ladies not only for their warm energy, but for inspiring me with their creativity, strength and independence. in their individual ways they spread beauty into the world…. and i can only hope that you can feel and see a bit of it in these photos.shay lee in laos by madeaushay lee nissim, stylist (@shayleenissim), currently living in tel aviv… shot by me in viang vieng, laos

rachel in new york by madeaurachel bunny c, designer and illustrator (, currently living in portland… photographed by me in new york

anna in paris by madeauanna zwick, designer (who’s work i introduced you to here) (@annalizw), currently living in london… photographed by me in paris

leanna in bali by madeauleanna flecky, photographer,, currently living in california… photographed by me in bali

angie in new york by madeauangie, jewelry designer, currently living in brooklyn… photographed by me in manhattan

lets not forget to support each other… and all that old-school never-out-of-style girl-power. how are you inspired by other women?

what do you think?

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