where did girl power go?

hearing songs by artist-who-must-not-be-named calling each other “bitches” (to name the least), insulting and putting each other down… honestly makes me sick. what happened to beyonce singing “all the women who are independent… throw your hands up at me“… and christina aguilera reminding us that “we are beautiful in every single way“? i miss the times of the spice girls shouting “girl power!” and when female artists had witty lyrics to encourage women to stick together and be confident. so i will take us back to 1999…

i could go on about this forever, but what i am trying to say is….  don’t forget to tell yourself that you might not have gisele’s legs, angelina’s lips or sakira’s hips. but you body is your home. love it… treat it well.. and if you let your hear shine it will illuminate you more than bleached teeth or bronzing powders any way. like lady gaga once said: “just love yourself and your set

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