… changed

my life in new york changed me…. then, leading the life of a vagabond changed me….. a looooot. and now, back in my home town, i see that it has also changed. i could can also sence that some friends are having a tough time adjusting to my new view on life…. always talking about the universe and stuff. (they are already used to my ever-changing appearance….)

_E1A9460 (1)
make-up by me, photo by el vogell.

i understand how confusing that can be, when i compare it to my feelings about munich. it was hard for me to accept the changes this city (that i was born and raised in) has made. when i first arrived here in april…. suddenly i didn’t recognize streets that used to be so familiar, i had forgotten the subway time-schedule, and don’t eeeeeven ask me what club to go to. i know changes are not easy, they take enery, aaaaand willingness to adjust to, but regardless…… they are inevitable (disclosure hits the nail on the head*). let’s just hope most of them are for the positive.

fact is, i love munich. and i got to love the changes it has made. now, after some time, i am even thankful for them. how boring would it be if no evolving whatsoever would have taken place? disappointing!

referring to people, i feel the same…. i find it very strange, when i notice that some people have not changed at aaaall. no new experiences… no new bruises… and no new sparkles. now thaaaaats disappointing.

*[…]okay, that’s one thing i know about life, one thing i know about life is a guarentee, right? change is inevitable! and listen to me, as much as you like to be in your comfort zone, as much as you like to be stable, as much as you like to control your environment, the reality is: everything changes. […] – disclosure, intro

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