…make me dance

have you ever worn an outfit, that literally made you dance?

madeau vintage bali photoshootA4282 2

this hand-embroidered vintage skirt (i got to wear for the shoot i worked on with “left my clogs in la“) made me show off my sweeeetest dance-moves….madeau vintage bali photoshoot4292 2 madeau vintage bali photoshoot4293 2 madeau vintage bali photoshoot300 2 madeau vintage bali photoshoot4318 2madeau vintage bali photoshoot4290 2madeau vintage bali photoshoot302 2 madeau vintage bali photoshoot4312 2madeau vintage bali photoshoot4310 2madeau vintage bali photoshoot304 2madeau vintage bali photoshoot4315 2bali, indonesia… all photos by leanna www.leannajeanphoto.com

styling and make-up by me

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