all i am wearing today…

it’s finally summer in germany. skin is showing… eyes are hidden by sunnies… and pools, lakes, rivers, beaches are preferred hangouts. i was never one to do a whole-makeup-face in combination with a bikini….so on my way to the badeshiff (a pool in the river spree), in berlin i am only wearing mascara and one other beauty product.

madeau carita beauty some places i lived in during my time in southeast asia… where i would literally roll out of my sandy bed… draped in no more than a sarong… to a cafe that maaaaaybe has wifi…. or spend a lazy day on a remote beach. no shoes… no makeup…. whereas a city like berlin, it will require a bit moooore. wearing shoes for the subway, for instance, might be a good idea….

 you might know that i am a preacher of hydrating (from the inside as well as the outside), so an oil that i can use on my face, body aaaand hair sounded good to me. i also don’t think smelling like almonds and glowing like a goddess, can hurt. i used carita, fluid de beauté 14 pailleté to do aaaaall of that for me.

what do you think?

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