heading back to the barbershop

it has been over 5 months (damn….. time flies……) since i got buzzed the first time (see my first post on that here)…

madeau vagabond leanna jean photography buzz-cut
photo by leanna http://www.leannajeanphoto.com

what i hear from many girls is “i wish i could also do it….. but it wouldn’t look good on me.” and i will always tell them that i never would have thought that i would feel this comfortable… even fierce “without” hair. that was the whole “chanlange” part of it. i did not do it because it might be some trend and is #1 of “the month in hairstyles” in the current glamour.

i absolutely appreciate every “you can totally pull it off!”, or figurative tap on the shoulder for being so brave, but i am honestly….. proud for proving to myself that i am self-confident without such an essential female-atribute (this mid-week quote sums it up). yes, i have moments of wishing that i could throw it over my shoulder in a sexy way, or (come octoberfest season) weave it into a lovely milkmaid-braid (like i used to or gave lauren), and that i am dreading the in-between-hairlength. but for now i will continue heading back to the barbershop.

what do you think?

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