to all you creative souls,

a couple of nights ago, i had dinner with two ladies (whom i will forever love and respect. ladies i am endlessly grateful for, for everything they taught me about love, life, and creativity). we talked about having “bad days” (in a nutshell). (these are the kind of days that i have lately been hearing a lot about from my close friends, and unfortunately also experiencing myself….) during our conversation over goooood italin food and wine, they reminded me that (as history shows) it is rather common among creative people to have those baaaad days phases, and in the end we need to be thankful for being able to see the things we do and feel the way we do.IMG_5520

one of the wise women at this dinner, told me about the trees in her back yard and said (in her fantastic british accent) that if she can still see the beauty of the leaves dancing in the wind…. she knows that she will be all right.

so here is my message to all you creative souls… even if today you could not seem to feel the sun on your skin…. you could not get your eyes to see the light around you…….. and you weren’t able to make your ears hear the rhythm of life….. just trust that it is there and you will soon (maybe tomorrow) have another one of those magical days where your “creative juices will flow” (quoting my mom here) and your beautiful smile will spill from your face.

madeau bali BG5A5742
secret beach, bali, indonesia… photo by leanna

(in perfect timing) my dear friend and creative soul leanna (i introduced you to her here), sent me the photos she took of me on my last day on bali…. and they made me recall this very magical day.

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