the dudes… vol. 4

want to know where you can find men with warm smiles, sparkling eyes, and the most perfect effortless style? bali! march 2015, bali, indonesia… all photos by me

vietnam flying by

february 2015, somewhere between hanoi and ho chi minh city… all photos by me

sneak-peek… vietnam flying by

during that infamous 34-hour-train-ride (you might have already gotten an idea about in vol 1, 2 and 3), i spent most of the time looking out the window. it was like an endless movie of life-in-vietnam….. with rice paddies, palm trees, traffic, huts and mountains flying by. sneak-peek of tomorrow’s photos… feeld-work in vietnam… photo by me


just oooooone of the many reasons, why i like bali so much is that lush-green covering… everything. march 2015, bali, indonesia… all photos by me