Carla… WONDER WOMAN with an old soul

episode #13

Carla describes herself as “a wee bit of Kanye attitude with some Drake feelings” but would personally describe her as “Spiritual Wonder Woman”… because how else would you describe a radiologist, turns cop, turns personal trainer, and now newly certified yoga teacher, who knows all about essential oils and meditation? Carla shares what it was like joining the police force as an irish, catholic, lesbian and how she compensates being set on fire during riots. her spirituality helped her not only through that, but losing her best friend of only 29 to cancer. we talk about grief – a subject that is definitely not talked about enough, and just why exactly she seems so wise.

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4 thoughts on “Carla… WONDER WOMAN with an old soul

  1. Absolutely loved this podcast, and def a subject close to my heart. You’re so right grief isn’t talked about enough especially on how to deal with it and was refreshing to hear Carla speak so openly about it! Thanks guys, and yesss ha bloody love that quote / Qs!! 😀 x

  2. This podcast is truly sublime. So inspiring, strong, brave, credible, kind, thoughtful and wise.
    The interview flows organically and the conversation never feels manufactured or forced; it’s refreshing to hear someone talk openly about grief, also.
    “When your life flashes before your eyes: will it be worth watching?” Fucken aye.
    Thank you for this lush podcast.

  3. Fantastic podcast program and loved listening to Carla’s life. She is a real inspiration to me and I’m sure to others. I can’t wait to yoga with her!

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