i have never been a fan of darkness. those few seconds before my eyes adjust to the blackness of a unlit room tend to feel endless….

i have come to see the benefits the darkness has: imagine going into a pitch-black room, that has one light… illuminating an object. all of your senses will be drawn to that object, bathing in the light causing the color, shape, and texture to seem brighter, sharper, and more detailed. your eyes, and therefore your mind, will not be tempted to wander and get distracted.

and this is the precise reason why i was so excited when i received my invitation to “the dark rooms” exhibition, which is happening on september 3rd in berlin. 11 artist will be presenting their work in complete darkness. i and the other 1499 visitors will have the chance to experience the art pieces without being distracted by other gallery guest (who in my ny-vernisage experience seem to be more interested the free drinks being poured in plastic cups… for example).

completely focusing on one thing and one thing only, unfortunately seems to have become a rarity (especially in a non-stop racing mind like my own)… so maybe, starting from the nothingness of a black space is the exact thing we need from time to time.