caught in the box?


thinking inside the box is not the way to discover this magical planet. be free from judgment… preconception… and fear and you will find beauty and love.

i have been traveling through morocco… yes, a moslem country. a county that maybe some are fearful of visiting (and from what the locals have been telling me, the tourist-count hast noticeably been going down). why? due to a couple of idiots spreading hate under the name of their religion, we get caught in a box of fear. a fear that keeps us from being free… to meet warm hearts, seeing new sides of mothernature’s perfection, learn from different cultures, and discovering more of oneself.

since my first day here, almost two weeks ago i have encountered nothing but welcoming faces, helping hands, and warmth (and i am not only talking about that strong saharan sun). and since boxes were never really my thing (unless we are talking about ikea) i will continue to live outside the box of fear.

july 2016, rabat, morocco… photo by phil west