be strong and in control…

one of the biggest life-lessons i have learned in the past year (and believe me…. there have been a few…..). was that i can trust the universe and take risks but i need to stay in control of my own life….. these lessons were brought forth by events that were both trying and strengthening… and that i am immensely grateful for, because they kickstarted my magical journey as a vagabond. i didn’t let them bring me down. i identified them as a lesson and use them for my future, as powerful reminders.

madeau bali indonesia vagabond lenna jean photography
photo by leanna

maybe you are also facing decisions concerning your future. private… professional… from insignificant to overwhelming. in those situations i try to remind myself that i am… need to… and want to be responsible for myself. letting other people physicaly put you in a place or mentally in a state that dose not let you move freely, will let you lose control of the only thing you actually own: your body and your mind.

a little side note for my fellow-yogis: i wrote (a draft of) this after my first (of 5) yoga practices by elena brower made possible by (i already raved about it here). edjucating me on chakras – the seven “vortexes of energy” as she puts it so beautifully. (the next topic i chose for my still young yoga education.) muladhara (sanskrit: मूलाधारthe) or root chakra is located at the lower end of the spinal column and stands for the ground, the earth… the base. feeling and feeding it helps you feel more grounded and safe… like the leader standing on the earth and not letting anyone pull the ground from underneath you.

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