what heals us?

unfortunately i have been fighting a cold, these last couple of days. me telling you, that i am starting to get sick of drinking fresh ginger lemon tea, will give you an idea about how much it has been…. about 37 liters. no seriously, i could neeever get sick of fresh ginger lemon tea, but i most definitely am sick of… staying-inside-trying-to-stay-warm-to-get-healthy-again-asap. i found myself reminiscing about the magical time is spent in southeast asia and how fulfilling it was to feel the sun on my skin every day. when i took a look out the window and the parisian sky (unlike the fist half of the day) presented itself in the most perfect blue, with magnificent, fluffy bright-white clouds moving along it, i immediately grabbed my headphones and camera and dove into the streets of paris. instantly it became so clear to me that the beauty of this world would heal me. the shadowplay mothernature was creating…the beauties that walk this earth… the romantic architecture, i love so much (and get the feeling is taken for granted)… beautiful food… and some fantastic randoms that remind me of laos…… all of it… simply: the universe. madeau paris photography vagabondjune 2015, paris, france… photos by me

and yes, you can look forward to the photos from this day and more paris-photography. (because i am soon going to be healthy again tomorrow!)

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