make a wish

for a while i did not have any wishes. you know… like when you find an eyelash, blow out your birthday candles, or touch a rainbow.  as a kid i knew exactly what i wanted: “please can i have a cat?!” and as a teen: “please can my boobs grow!?” were my default wishes.

since then a lot if time has passed (i had the best cats anyone could wish for and my boobs (still small) are now one of my favorite parts of my body).

i found myself at the point where i just did not know what i wanted to wish for. i had vagabonded for over a year and after experiencing so many beautiful adventures… i didn’t feel like i was in the position to wish for anything more and i thought not having a wish was a good thing. now, three years have passed, with the last two being filled with investing in my career, trying to settle down and trying to do what i felt like i “should”. i was frustrated with my life situation and had regular melt-downs. my strategy was finding my trust in the universe again and that my path will lead me to beauty (after all that was exactly what i did after having the floor ripped out from under me and therefore started my life as a vagabond). but somehow… this time around, that just did not do the trick. 

i need to find something to wish for again. not because i want things i don’t have, but because i need to figure out what i want. and not because i don’t want to work for it, but because i need to know what i’m working for. 

this time of the year is perfect to set new goals – things i have control over and will work my ass off to achieve. but i will also make some wishes – things only the universe can present to me. 

i actually made a chart, with the months on the top and my projects (podcast / styling, art work, social media, etc.) down the side. in each square i write the goals i want to achieve in each category, in each month.. with a little piggybank symbol next to the ones that will make money, hehe. above all of that and outside the chart i wrote my wishes. that gives me a really clear view what i am working towards and and wishing for and if it’s in balance. i also think writing down my wishes and saying them out loud gives the universe a little hint.

and BAM 2019 will be the best one yet!

what do you think?

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