my genesis…

seeing other artist’s work aaaalways inspires me to push my own creativity. the exhibition genesis i visited last weekend in munich, sparked the memories of when i felt the most alone – in the best sense of the word. in the sense of feeling far from the distracting buzzing of modern life. and in the sense of feeling close to myself, close to mothernature and close to the life the way it is lived untarnished from modern civilization.

genesis, showed the breathtaking black-and-white photographs, by sebastião salgado. the nature spoke to me through my camera and i was allowed to listen.” the artist says about this exhibition, that showed the sunning beauty and rich diversity of intact flora and fauna, as well as indigene people.  04-3-291-62.800x60005-3-241-67.800x60009-3-9828.800x60004-1-193-69.800x60010-2-14196.800x600

the quiet beauty of these photographs made me recall the magical days when i lived in mai chau, vietnam. it was me and a rickety bicycle riding through the rice fields around the villages meeting artisans, helping out farm workers and admiring untroubled wildlife.IMG_9499stay tuned for my photos….

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