nyc… in a nutshell

i am currently back in new york…. and even tough undoubtedly one of the most inspiring cities in the world, i have been neglecting this little site of mine…… of course, i have a million trillion thoughts bouncing around in my brain since arriving back in my home of (unfortunately only) 18 months, that can’t wait to get out (on to the universe), to make space for new ones…..

yesterdays instagram put them in a nushshell; “confessions of a #vagabond….. changing and staying the same…. leaving and coming back… i love it and i hate it.

for now, i can shear this perfectly crazy place called new york city though my lens.IMG_1593IMG_1572 IMG_1576 IMG_1584 IMG_1633

august 2015, new york city…. all photos by me

what do you think?

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