the traveling-souls…..

i want to thank…

the fellow travelers  who i crossed paths with during my vagabonding. the deep connections i made with some of them, as we accompanied each other while exploring the endless beauty of this universe, is….. priceless. i am not only grateful for travel-advise…. but also life-advice and a warm heart, while i was so far from my family. the memories of breading their hair, overcoming dirty beds, and painful bus rides together (like this infamous one….), as we sheared fresh fruit, are the best.

madeau vagabond thailand photography
shay lee in pai, thailand…. photo by me

now that i am far from all of them, i not only looooove looking back at all our photos and remembering the beautifully random things (that no words… or even photos could ever do justice to…), but i know that i can still rely on their warm energy and support.

i would love for everyone to feel such a strong connection with other souls….. people who might not be physically close, but who’s undeniable bond still gives you comfort and energy when you feel alone.

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