french-ness under the eyes… how-to

since my first day in paris i have noticed the parisian ladies are totally rocking the dark-circles-under-the-eyes look. we can not all have that natural french-coolness that caroline de maigret (the queen of french-ness) has, but i think, in paris or not, we should all be inspired to embrace our natural beauty. and anyway we all know that the french ladies are waaaaay not as low maintenance as they look….. which iiiis actually art.

Zine N°2, photo by Ami Sioux

 i have been feeling very surprisingly comfortable with the super-minimal makeup (as you might have seen on my instagram)….. of course, i also have a very helpful little secret weapon, that i am about to share with you. it might actually change your life (…or at least your morning routine). who wants to deal with… de-rinkler… de-puffer… lightener… followed by (one of the million possibilities of) concealer-aplication…. aaaand theeen worry about it creasing or caking, anyway?

mac cosmetics fast response eye cream

it claims to…. de-puff, erase the look of dark circles, firms, soothes and smoothes the skin around the eyes…… and ladies, and gents it really does…. instantly. i draw two lines with it, from my tear duck diagonal down to the middle of my eye and one from the outer corner of my eyes towards my temples. with my fingers i carefully massage it into the skin around my eyes. after this super simple fast step, i never feel the need for additional covering.

what do you think?

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