conversation over a chocolate bao

the most precious moments as a vagabond: meeting so many different people and hearing their stories.

 this is david… who i shared my chocolate filled steamed bun with, on our ferry ride from penang to butterworth (malaysia). 2015-03-28IMG_4027 - (1)we met by both finding it equally amusing to spent 20 ringgits on weighing ourselves, with backpacks food supply and all (64kg….) while waiting for the ferry.
2015-03-28IMG_4025 -
the way he spoke of la (his last place of residence, 6 months ago) seemed familiar…. it was the way i speak about new york. and my guess: “do you work in a cliché-la job (film industry)?” was right. we laughed about how we both love la / ny… but it also kills us; how we miss it… but we remind ourselves that it will still be there; how we feel at home there… but the world is soooo big and beautiful; and how we moved there from our home towns, to do what we weeeere in fact doing… but met people along the way, who we wanted to be like, and found that they actually don’t seem happy at all.
we also shared a bunch of the same views about traveling. how we both tend to move too fast and need to remind ourselves to slow down and stay in one place… just because (we need familiar faces, places, beds… a little routine). even though this might be accompanied by guilt…. (“i could be seeing so much more”). (not only applicable to travelers).
and how we both can’t get that hustle and bustle out of our vains (that la / ny injected), which still causes us to set alarm clocks… at 6am… without having anywhere to be.
the encounter was (too) short… but it is one more example of how perfectly beautiful the universe is.
unfortunately i have never been to la but here you can see my new york photography

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