me and my bicycle… in mai chau

this was one of the adventures that the exhibition genesis made very vidid in my memory… 2015, mai chau, vietnam… all photos by me

my genesis…

seeing other artist’s work aaaalways inspires me to push my own creativity. the exhibition genesis i visited last weekend in munich, sparked the memories of when i felt the most alone – in the best sense of the word. in the sense of feeling far from the distracting buzzing of modern life. and in the sense of feeling close … Continue reading my genesis…

his hands

vietnam and myanmar (burma)… all photos by me

what do you have?

your lives are filled with decisions that evidently result in sacrifices. my uncle marc brought it to the point when he said: “you can do anything, but you can’t do everything“ when seeing other peoples’ lives… what they have… it is natural to second guess your decisions and the path you are on. the things we (for whichever … Continue reading what do you have?

what is time?

traveling in countries you have never been before… and are soooooo far from everything you grew up with (talking about distance as well as culture), the relationship to “time” seems to change. new impressions are ever-present and fill 24 hours to the maximum. “yesterday” somehow seems like a week ago and hours seem to pass at a … Continue reading what is time?