make a wish

for a while i did not have any wishes. you know… like when you find an eyelash, blow out your birthday candles, or touch a rainbow.  as a kid i knew exactly what i wanted: “please can i have a cat?!” and as a teen: “please can my boobs grow!?” were my default wishes. since … Continue reading make a wish

use your freedom

did you know that we can actually call ourselves quite lucky, for not having to wear uniforms? (if you don’t happen to be going to a school that requires such, or work in the military or similar… that is.) we have the freedom of not having to cover up our hair. we can choose from … Continue reading use your freedom

the traveling-souls…..

i want to thank… the fellow travelers  who i crossed paths with during my vagabonding. the deep connections i made with some of them, as we accompanied each other while exploring the endless beauty of this universe, is….. priceless. i am not only grateful for travel-advise…. but also life-advice and a warm heart, while i was so … Continue reading the traveling-souls…..

what should we spend our money on?

i am a clothes… make-up… and jewelry lover. it’s the part of me that bought traditional fabrics and clothes at the-more-local-the-better markets in asia (with my soul-sistah shay lee)… the part that enjoys seeing all the chic people and wants to find vintage-treasures here in paris. it is human nature to decorate oneself (which is essentially what clothes, … Continue reading what should we spend our money on?