shanghai… through my lens

when i almost lost every thing on my first blog… i came across so many photos i never shared with you. also my digital-decluttering that i am finally having a bit more time for, are the reasons for this little post, showing a random selection of images i took during my time in shanghai, china. … Continue reading shanghai… through my lens


one of the best things i have ever done was to empty out my closet. and i am not talking about taking all the clothes out… folding them nicely… hanging them on same hangers…. and putting them back in an orderly manner. i am talking about taking the contents of my walk-in closet (which was … Continue reading de-cluttering

we are all connected

i am hearing “i just want to be happy” a lot lately. companies, researchers, philosophers are also jumping on the topic. just this morning, i heard that in recent research it has been proven that what makes people happiest is feeling connected to other people. well if you need science and numbers and stuff that’s … Continue reading we are all connected