the cleanse… day. 3

so here it is… a breakdown of how i have been spending the last few days: i adapted this cleanse from LifeSpa, who are really the experts here, so if you have any questions about this whole ayurvedic-cleansing-shabang, then check out their site. they will have all the infos, stats, and medical backup you want. i followed … Continue reading the cleanse… day. 3

fantastic four… vol. 3

after vol1. and vol. 2, this is a very natural make-up look….. still (for the sake of minimizing, and a good old challenge to myself) i only used a total of four make-up products: foundation, eye shadow, lip and blush cream and mascara. it might just be me… but i feel like with a very natural make-up look, … Continue reading fantastic four… vol. 3

all i am wearing today…

it’s finally summer in germany. skin is showing… eyes are hidden by sunnies… and pools, lakes, rivers, beaches are preferred hangouts. i was never one to do a whole-makeup-face in combination with a bikini….so on my way to the badeshiff (a pool in the river spree), in berlin i am only wearing mascara and one … Continue reading all i am wearing today…

fantastic four… vol. 2

this is the second makeup look (see vol. 1 here) that i did only using four products : foundation, face shimmer, lip pencil and mascara. if you don’t like to apply liquid foundation with your fingers, a compact that comes with 

how-to hide that lobsterface….

as the weather is getting warmer (here, in munich) and the sun is sending her mighty rays on hungry, winter, skin. some cases of the season’s first sunburns are bound to appear. here i already recommended the best (in my opinion, any way…) product, to treat your dehydrated skin with delicious moisture. but ladies, if your face started … Continue reading how-to hide that lobsterface….