where did girl power go?

hearing songs by artist-who-must-not-be-named calling each other “bitches” (to name the least), insulting and putting each other down… honestly makes me sick. what happened to beyonce singing “all the women who are independent… throw your hands up at me“… and christina aguilera reminding us that “we are beautiful in every single way“? i miss the times of the … Continue reading where did girl power go?

the universe gave me… royal pickles.

yesterday i received one of those perfect gifts of the universe, that…. (if i was having any thoughts along the lines of: “am i doing what i am supposed to be doing?” or “aaaam i where i am supposed to be / needed?”)  were demolished.

listen to your shuffle

today my itunes shuffle started out my day with “vietnam” by kiesza. and since my shuffle always knows best (like when it played this)…. tomorrow the-day-after-tomorrow, i will post some of the photos i took in vietnam. (here you can see the ones i already posted on my old blog)