golden globes, judy blame, and glue

my man is on vay-cay, its 1am, i am watching the golden globes (looooving the dresses and all those juicy cleavages, btw) and reading an interview on judy blame discusses his solo exhibition “never again” at london’s institute of contemporary art. He talks about how he loves sewing and making things with his hands (which immediately made … Continue reading golden globes, judy blame, and glue

the ladies… vol. 10

this 10th edition is a very special one… because these photos show dear friends of mine. (see all “the beauties” through my lens here) i love these ladies not only for their warm energy, but for inspiring me with their creativity, strength and independence. in their individual ways they spread beauty into the world…. and i can only hope that you … Continue reading the ladies… vol. 10

“breath” by tara

 in a city like berlin (where i am currently living… even if just for a short amount of time) there is temptation to buy thiiiings is very high. reminding myself of the time (exactly 8 months ago) i gave away the entire 80% of the content of my shanghai-walk-in-closet (in order to carry all my belongings in a backpack, and to start … Continue reading “breath” by tara

ridiculously interesting…. mid week-quote

friends i am so grateful to have in my life and some of whom you have already meet…. rachel, leanna, gabriela, helena, constance angie and christa (to name a few)

meet gabriela…

meet gabriela…. it is long overdue. making my bali-crew of beautiful-creative-souls (i already introduced you to helena and leanna) complete. no wonder i we reminisce about it so much…. (here you can see my collective bali-posts) for one, gabriela helped me to dive more into “exchange of energy” (as she calles it). rather than paying money for … Continue reading meet gabriela…

conversation over a chocolate bao

the most precious moments as a vagabond: meeting so many different people and hearing their stories.  this is david… who i shared my chocolate filled steamed bun with, on our ferry ride from penang to butterworth (malaysia). we met by both finding it equally amusing to spent 20 ringgits on weighing ourselves, with backpacks food supply and … Continue reading conversation over a chocolate bao