traveling jewelry

during my time in southeast asia i collected handmade and vintage artisan treasures that i found in remote places. most of the places i don’t think i would ever find again but i remember each and every beautiful-soul i bought them from. photos by Markus Vogel styling and make-up by Madelaine DeRose Schäfer please feel free to … Continue reading traveling jewelry

a vagabond’s jewelry

i often get asked about my jewelry….. no, i don’t take it off to shower or sleep. they are remembrances that tell magical little stories, in my vagabonding-adventure… like a tattoo, or a scar. also / especially the pieces that i traded along the way, with special ladies, like this time in kuala lumpur i also purchase artisan … Continue reading a vagabond’s jewelry

… changed

my life in new york changed me…. then, leading the life of a vagabond changed me….. a looooot. and now, back in my home town, i see that it has also changed. i could can also sence that some friends are having a tough time adjusting to my new view on life…. always talking about the universe and stuff. (they are already used … Continue reading … changed

…a feeling you can’t buy

 the first day i met this beauty at a local restaurant. she was just so cute, and lovely, and made me feel so welcome. when i thanked her for that delicious lunch, she (like a lot of the women in asia) was very interested in my jewelry and pointed out my emerald ring, that she found particularly … Continue reading …a feeling you can’t buy

little reminder

between airpanes, busses and trains i saw this post on instagram, with the words “none, but ourselves can free our minds” i thought i was a lovely little reminder on this crazy hectic friday in march. and here are more photos from our collaboration…. photography and graphics by kornelles wirawan. styling and make-up by me.