get dirty

i have never been afraid to get my hands dirty…. it’s fun. click here for vol.1 of this shoot photography by Leanna Jean styling and make-up by Madelaine DeRose Schäfer Bali, Indonesia

not just on wednesdays….

in this post i already told you about my soul-sistah leanna….  #wcw @lanna_banana march 2015, bali, indonesia… all photos by me

still feeling the energy

the energy i got from this day will last me a lifetime…… no wonder, this is the third time i am sharing it with you. all photos by leanna


in a nutshell… bali is an island of beautifully happy people. no wonder with all those flowers and fruit!  bali, indonesia… alll photos by me


are your ready for more bali-photography? because it’s coming your way! bali, indonesia… photo by me

the dudes… vol. 5

one post on the beautiful men of bali just wasn’t enough…. march 2015, bali, indonesia… all photos by me