how to color fall

it’s getting colder and colder. people are no longer dressed in soft layers of summery brights, but suddenly the whole city has a grey vail of winter coats and hats. as soon as fall begins and the sun grows more and more seldom i yearn for color. from my archive i made a selection of my favorite colorful make-up looks. … Continue reading how to color fall

what do you have?

your lives are filled with decisions that evidently result in sacrifices. my uncle marc brought it to the point when he said: “you can do anything, but you can’t do everything“ when seeing other peoples’ lives… what they have… it is natural to second guess your decisions and the path you are on. the things we (for whichever … Continue reading what do you have?

fantastic four… vol. 3

after vol1. and vol. 2, this is a very natural make-up look….. still (for the sake of minimizing, and a good old challenge to myself) i only used a total of four make-up products: foundation, eye shadow, lip and blush cream and mascara. it might just be me… but i feel like with a very natural make-up look, … Continue reading fantastic four… vol. 3

fantastic four… vol. 2

this is the second makeup look (see vol. 1 here) that i did only using four products : foundation, face shimmer, lip pencil and mascara. if you don’t like to apply liquid foundation with your fingers, a compact that comes with