shanghai… through my lens

when i almost lost every thing on my first blog… i came across so many photos i never shared with you. also my digital-decluttering that i am finally having a bit more time for, are the reasons for this little post, showing a random selection of images i took during my time in shanghai, china. … Continue reading shanghai… through my lens

random reflections

act I of my digital de-cluttering… paris, new york, kunming… all photos by me

fall fog

i am not a cold-weather person…. but fall and winter can be beautiful. like when it’s foggy on tianmen mountain.   tianmen mountain, zhangjiajie, china… all photos by me

first stop: zhangjiangjie

in the spirit of reminiscing… i went through my archives and started with the first stop after leafing my last place of residence. a 30-something train ride away from shanghai, china lies the city with the un-pronouncable (and nearly impossible to spell if you are dyslectic…) name zhangjiajie. zhangjiajie, china (chinese: 湖南张家界国家森林公园)…. all photos by me here you … Continue reading first stop: zhangjiangjie