thank you again to this lady, otherwise i probably wouldn’t have been able to see this: march 14th 2015, marina bay, singapore… all photos by me

a little gloss

obviously my make-up is soooo much more simple than it used to be………… but, i am working on a post about the few beauty products i do still have. photo by leanna (

little india

march 2015, little india in singapore… all photos by me

it’s all in the mix

i don’t really like to give reviews or recommendations of the places i visit… because everybody is into different things. but i do want to tell you about kuala lumpur… my first day…navigating my way through the streets in the center of the city, i saw every beautiful skin-tone you can imagine… every beautiful shape … Continue reading it’s all in the mix

random act of kindness

today i was a blessed with a random act of kindness, that moved me to tears and strengthened my faith in the beauty of this universe. the story takes place at the little india subway station in singapore…. i was attempting to buy a one-way subway ticket, and wanted to pay with my card because the … Continue reading random act of kindness

life in laos… vol.2

even though i have already posted a lot of pictures (which your can all see here) from my time in laos…. i have more……