shanghai… through my lens

when i almost lost every thing on my first blog… i came across so many photos i never shared with you. also my digital-decluttering that i am finally having a bit more time for, are the reasons for this little post, showing a random selection of images i took during my time in shanghai, china. … Continue reading shanghai… through my lens


one of the best things i have ever done was to empty out my closet. and i am not talking about taking all the clothes out… folding them nicely… hanging them on same hangers…. and putting them back in an orderly manner. i am talking about taking the contents of my walk-in closet (which was … Continue reading de-cluttering

light and shadow… new york and shanghai

“i love shadow… because it means there is light” – my mom from the two cities, that i am fortunate enough to have called my home… that are full of illuminating light and deep shadow. 2015, new york and shanghai… all photos by me

me and my bicycle… in mai chau

this was one of the adventures that the exhibition genesis made very vidid in my memory… 2015, mai chau, vietnam… all photos by me

first stop: zhangjiangjie

in the spirit of reminiscing… i went through my archives and started with the first stop after leafing my last place of residence. a 30-something train ride away from shanghai, china lies the city with the un-pronouncable (and nearly impossible to spell if you are dyslectic…) name zhangjiajie. zhangjiajie, china (chinese: 湖南张家界国家森林公园)…. all photos by me here you … Continue reading first stop: zhangjiangjie